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SERVES:    Anyone that wants to let the good times roll
COOKING TIME: Approx 55 minutes
INGREDIENTS: 1 upright bass  - Ron Awater
  ½ a drumkit (snare,hi-hat) - Willem de Jongh
  6 strings and a guitar  - Herman Driesten
  1 lead vocal    - Bas Kleine
  2 backing vocals  -  Ron and Willem (The Harmaniettes) 
  a handful of harmonicas - Bas Kleine
  11 pretty damn good songs  - to be added one by one
  1 recording masterchef - Maurits Boreel

In order to get the full benefit of this recipe it was important for us to create the right conditions for cooking. A badly ventilated, smoky room would normally suit us right, but a bout of luck handed us the “Storyboat” in the historic Dutch town of Zwolle. This floating theatre is one of the few remaining places in Europe where the dying art of storytelling is still in practice. An amazing setting and extremely suitable since each of our songs has a story to tell (take your time to listen to the lyrics, they’re worth it).
We cramped in as many people as possible, which didn’t amount to a lot, threw all the ingredients onto stage, and set to the task of serving up a gumbo of our favorite swing, jump, jive and blues songs.
We hope you enjoy the result of this cooking-session as much as we enjoyed the whole process, from starting a near-acoustic swingband, to conjuring up the idea to make an oldschool live-recording (one microphone), to the finished product . Dinner is served!

1. El Cumbanchero (R. Hernández) 2:06
2. Wiggle (M. Tortorici) 6:07
3. Keep It Up (U. Sandstrom) 3:16

4. Too Late(W. Dixon)  7:11
5. Why Get Up (B. Carter / R. Ellsworth) 3:40
6. It Was The Wine (D. Deming) 4:25
7. Big Boat (P.Yarro/N.Stookey/M.Travers) 4:28
8. From The Bottom(L. McMurry) 3:45
9. Little Pretty Bitty One/Rockin’ Robin
     (L. Rene/J. Thomas)  2:14
10. Miss Louise (L. Wierzynski)   4:32
11. Caldonia(L.Jordan)  5:49

Recorded Live 26-02-2011 at “De Verhalenboot” - Zwolle(Netherlands)



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